Get to know Mindful Eating, the Secret to Lose Weight Without Diet

A slim and ideal body is indeed the dream of most individuals, especially women. For women who have a slim body, they will certainly boost their confidence when appearing in front of many individuals.

In order to obtain a slim body, many individuals also do not hesitate to follow a variety of strict diet programs that sometimes torture eating patterns. However, sometimes even though you have done various diet programs, you still don’t lose weight.

Without realizing it, this is due to lifestyle to wrong diet. In fact, you can lose weight without following a diet program, namely by applying mindful eating or awareness of what is consumed.

Not a few individuals have the habit of eating while doing other things, for example watching television, using gadgets, working, studying, or thinking about various other things. Without realizing it, this causes daily life to become unfocused, thus affecting the diet.

Distraction from other activities sometimes results in people not being aware of how many portions of food they have consumed at one time. In fact, they no longer care about the taste and what goes into their mouth at that time. For that, humans need to practice to be more focused and live a mindful or mindful life in order to have a good diet too.

Focus While Eating

One way that you can focus on eating is by adopting mindful eating. If usually the term mindfulness tends to depend on meditation activities, the practice this time is a little different.

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Mindful eating means a condition when a person is fully aware of what is being eaten, how it tastes, how much is the portion, and pays attention to every bite that goes into the mouth, without being distracted by other activities.

When focused on what he eats, it can increase the ability of the sense of taste which will stimulate brain function to focus on food more than anything else.

Apparently, when people focus on what they consume, the chewing process will also be slower to enjoy the food. This will make the stomach tend to be full quickly because when the body processes the food that comes in, 20 minutes after that the fat will release the hormone leptin to send a full signal to the brain.

Therefore, the slower the duration of the meal, the easier it will be to control the portion of your meal.

Although, there’s nothing wrong if you want to follow a diet program. But, by adopting mindful eating, you are claimed to be easier to lose weight. If diets tend to limit yourself to eating and focus on your weight, mindful eating doesn’t just focus there, it also makes you focus on thoughts and behaviors.

How to Apply it

Mindful eating is actually very easy to apply in everyday life. First you need to be aware of what reasons you want to eat. Avoid eating excuses to replace boredom, or as an outlet for anger and sadness. These are the things that will make it difficult for you to control your portions.

Second, make it a habit to eat with focus, without doing other activities simultaneously. Avoid your eating activities from distractions that can distract from the food consumed. This will help you pay more attention to how much food is being consumed.

Third, maximize your sense of taste, for example by chewing and enjoying food more slowly, while trying to judge the taste. Then, the fourth way can be done by appreciating your food through prayer and giving thanks for the food that has been eaten.

Exercise Routine

In order to get used to all the stages of mindful eating, it also requires constant practice. It’s the same when you start learning a new science and keep applying it until it becomes a habit.

Mindful eating can also reduce stress, as well as increase positive energy and daily productivity. This will be easier to do if you understand the practice of managing focus in life using mindfulness or mindfulness techniques.