Fitzy TV

Fitzy TV is a popular TV Channel content and a media streaming platform. You don’t have to use any Cable TVs, Antennas, or Set-of-Boxes to use this streaming facility. Since all the media of Fitzy TV is in their cloud, you can have a quality video experience without any problems with speed. There are many facilities provided by Fitzy TV. You can download this app directly from Play Store or using any other methods like Aptoide TV and Filelinked.

What is Fitzy TV?

This supports any device in any Platform such as Android, IOS, MAC, and Windows. This also supports for popular streaming services such as Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Features of Fitzy TV

A unique feature of Fitzy TV is that you can record the media content that you watch live. You can record live streaming content using your phone or TV. It offers the facility to record channels from any country. You can view your recordings from one place and also you can watch them anywhere at any time. So you won’t miss the good stuff.

You have the facility to record multiple TV channels at the same time, unlimitedly. You can record a live show going on a channel while you are watching a movie on another channel. You can record three or four channels at the same time without messing up.

You can automate the recordings where you can set the settings to record the channels, and there won’t be any interruptions in the middle of a recording. You can continuously record without any doubt. This is the most beneficial and unique feature of Fitzy TV.

All the recordings you made will be stored in the speed cloud storage. So, you can access them anywhere at any time without any botheration. If streaming lags and hang-up make sure to use Android TV cleaning tool like Clean Master.

Subscription Plans

There are three subscription plans in FitzyTV where you can subscribe to any subscription according to your preference.

  1. Basic Subscription Plan – Fitzy TV offers you this subscription free of charge. It has limited channels and also, it only gives 7 days recording time to record your live shows and stuff.
  2. Monthly Subscription Plan – $5
  3. Annual Subscription Plan – $50

How to install Fitzy TV?

You can download Fitzy TV Application to your Android device from your Google Play Store or from its official website. You can download to Fire TV from the Fire TV App Store free of charge.


Fitzy TV is a free app with unique features. You can record the media content that you watch live. You can record the live streaming contents using your phone or TV. This can be said as a beneficial application to record live streaming shows where it is the unique feature of Fitzy TV. You can use third party app stores like AC Market to install them on older unsupported phones and tablets.