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Top 5 Most Recommended Learning Apps For Kids

By Margin Dec21,2021

Do you have kids? How do you keep them active all day long during the holidays? Well, technology has also created a way to make life more fun and better for the kids as there are various learning apps for kids online.

Giving your child some time to rest from school work during the holiday is great, but you also need to equip them with the right knowledge that they need to go back to school. Download some of these learning apps for them so they could make the most out of the latest technologies and innovation that has also been incorporated into the educational sector.

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Listed below are the top 5 learning apps that you can download:

Lightbot Jr. Coding App

How would you feel if your child becomes very intelligent and smart at a very tender age? Excited and proud right? That is what this app does to your child. It is a coding app that enables your kid to line up some commands with a robot making advances towards it. It is more like a puzzle and enables your child to think critically while playing the game. That way your child will gradually learn to code.

MentalUp Learning App

Are you trying to help your children develop their brain? MentalUp is an educational app that can help in this regard. The app comes with a lot of educational games, and these games come in different levels. The kids can start with the easy level, before gradually advancing to higher difficulty levels. Your child will not only have fun with this game, but they will also learn from it.

Bedtime Math Learning App

Is your child afraid of Maths? The fear of Maths seems to be very common among kids, but there is a way to turn Mathematics into a bedtime fun game. Instead of reading bedtime stories for your kids, why not help them solve one Maths problem from the app. According to research, people who have used the Bedtime Math app have improved greatly in Mathematics.

Jungle Time App

Don’t you think it is time for your toddler to learn the time, and in different languages? That is what Jungle Time app does. It helps your child in learning the time in the most fun and exciting manner, and they will do this in different languages.


Do you know that kids also battle with peer pressure? They also face social challenges, get stressed, and even anxious over nothing. If you can’t make an impact on them by talking to them, then let this app teach your child how to develop mindfulness and self-awareness.

It is always good to catch them young. As such, expose your child to apps that they will learn from, and which will make them smarter than their age. These apps are best for learning as they are both fun and educational.

By Margin

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