The Only Two Things Shady Cell Phone Repair Specialists Want to See

There is something remarkable about purchasing a brand-new iPhone. Especially when you’re using it for the first time. From the amazing photos, you’ll get to take from the hundreds of features, the iPhone leads the mobile phone industry. Still, few experiences are as unfortunate as having a broken iPhone or Macbook without any way to repair it. That’s because shady cell phone repair specialists want to see you throw away your hard-earned money. Here are the only two mistakes you need to watch out for when you arrive home with your phone.

1. Mishandling your device

From exposing your device to excess heat to leaving it out in the cold, there is no shortage of ways to mishandle your device. Your screen is made of glass. That means you can damage it simply by pressing on it with your finger too hard. Meanwhile, wiping food and grime from your screen will leave residue on the glass, which over time, ends up in your device’s charging port. Throwing your device, sitting on it, using it in the shower, or using it too aggressively are surefire ways to cause irreparable damage. That means more money you have to shell out for repairs, which hurts, considering you just bought the device. Ultimately, you’re putting money back in the company’s pocket. But even then, they’ll counsel you to be more careful.

Selling your device after you’ve broken it

You can expect to pay $49 to $100 to get your device repaired. But if you damage your device as soon as you get it, you might think about selling it to someone who might not mind a cracked screen or any other signs of minor damage. But selling your device when you first get it stops qualified repair specialists from completing essential work. Consequently, you might end up paying more to replace the device if a repair specialist could have fixed it for far less. If you don’t want to pay extra out of pocket, consider bringing your device in for repair rather than selling it to someone else. If for some reason, you choose not to, you’d be doing a corrupt repair specialist a favor. They’d rather you sell a carelessly broken device for nothing, then invest the extra time defrauding someone who'[s device isn’t actually broken. Fortunately, many of these repair technicians are trained and courteous, and will hopefully encourage you to get your device repaired if you’re still able to do so.

It might not seem like it, but if you’re not careful, you can run into some phone repair specialists who have some shady business practices. For them, they look forward to you mishandling your device and want you to sell it after you damage it since they don’t care about their work either way. If you want to protect your devices, take care of them and go to the right repair specialists, like those at iTech iPhone & MacBook Repair. All you have to do is repair rather than sell, as you likely spent years personalizing your device.