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DOIs — which encompass a string of numbers, letters and symbols — are distinctive fingerprints used to identify and hyperlink to particular publications, such as scholarly articles and official reviews. Crossref is the largest DOI registration agency, allocating the identifiers to about 20,000 members, together with publishers, museums and different establishments. Voyager 1, the farthest man-made object in space, hasn’t sent coherent knowledge to Earth since November. NASA has been attempting to diagnose what the Voyager mission’s project supervisor, Suzanne Dodd, called the “most serious issue” the robotic probe has faced since she took the job in 2010.

  • The 5G rollout has been underwhelming, however there are indicators of higher days ahead.
  • These are all spectacular video games that never got the possibility to bounce underneath the bright lights.
  • March 7, 2024 • Despite the suggestive sound of its name, PragerU is a content material creator, not a university.
  • A widespread outage affected Meta and other prime online services providers on Tuesday morning.
  • DNA markers are making it potential to track the growing older process in real time, and helping scientists understand why individuals age at totally different rates.

Tech giants have to adjust to a new EU law that is set to vary the web. It goals to force open the most important platforms to encourage competitors and provides customers extra alternative Technology News of their digital lives. Eve, who is also concerned in research and improvement at digital-infrastructure group Crossref, checked whether or not 7,438,037 works labelled with digital object identifiers are held in archives.

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