These are the benefits of a smartwatch for health


more and more technology companies are presenting smartwatch products (smart watches). This makes people interested in using and utilizing its features.

The features in the smartwatch can monitor human activity, and can even help support fitness and health programs. Let’s check what the functions are!

1. Fitness Tracker

For those of you who are fitness enthusiasts, by using a smartwatch you can reach your fitness goals faster. Usually a smartwatch will be connected to a workout application.

Then they will recommend the type of exercise according to the results you want. Not only that, wearable devices like this can also count the number of steps and the distance you have traveled.

2. Set the Sleep Pattern

If the body lacks sleep, of course this can affect one’s performance. Therefore, you can use the sleep monitor feature in the smartwatch to monitor sleep patterns.

Not only that, you can also learn sleep quality and habits. Later, smartwatches will provide solutions for better sleep patterns. Of course this is tailored to the needs of your body.

3. Monitoring Body Health

The smartwatch will consistently monitor and record blood pressure, heart rate. So that if there is a change in pressure and pulse, the smartwatch will warn the user.

Usually a notification will appear prompting you to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Apart from health problems, a smartwatch can also measure the level of stress experienced by users.

4. Maintaining Nutritional Intake

Not everyone is able to consistently maintain nutritional intake, especially for those who have a super tight work schedule. Nutritional intake is often forgotten and a person only eats food carelessly.

However, you can monitor the nutritional intake of the food consumed using an application on the smartwatch. This application will suggest the number of calories needed by the body.

Not only calories, other nutrients such as protein, fiber and sugar will also be monitored by the application on the smartwatch. If the amount of nutrients is less or more, the smartwatch will give a warning. and all that in the Koretrak feature because the Koretrak is very sophisticated and has lots of features, the Koretrak also has a comfortable design and fits so it is suitable for all people

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