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More and more commitments – It’s hard to be the first to retweet something, especially when it’s been there for a while. Enable faster organic interactions by firing up your tweets every time.

Better visibility – More interactions mean that Twitter is more likely to see your tweet as popular and to display it prominently in user feeds. This generates greater impressions and greater organic interactions.

Strong Reputation – Having a consistent engagement on all of your tweets improves the reputation of your Twitter profile. After all, if you have a following and high levels of engagement, it must be because it’s worth listening to.

Social Proof – Simply the concept that people follow what the crowd is doing, you can use social proof to your advantage by fostering organic engagements with automatic retweets and likes.

Appear Higher in Search – Just like having a highly engaged tweet will help you appear higher in relevant terms and hashtag searches, having a large number of highly engaged tweets will help your entire profile appear higher in search for Twitter

Going Viral – Interested in jumping into a trending topic? Choose a provider that allows you to manually configure your automatic interactions and upload RT and likes on a tweet that you would like to see go viral. Then you can sit back and watch it explode.

Increase commitments – Commitments lead to more commitments. Give your tweets a boost with engagements every time, and your followers will be quicker to retweet and like too.

SEO Boost – Increase your online presence with high engagements that drive organic traffic to your profile. The more engagements and followers you get, the more likely you are to appear in searches, both on Twitter and on Google.

Show up in moments – Twitter Moments is where popular topics are added. If your profile is relevant to a current hot topic, you can boost your tweets and watch your profile rise through the ranks of Twitter Moments.

Become who to follow – Having a large amount of constant engagement on your tweets also helps improve your profile’s reputation in the eyes of the twitter algorithm. Grow your following, tweet cool stuff, and improve your chances of getting picked and suggested as whom to follow.