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Benefits of Playing Online Games, Good for Brain Health

By Margin Sep22,2023

The benefits of playing online games are many and cannot be underestimated. Even the benefits of playing this online game can have an impact on the body to a wide impact on social relationships. Even so, until now there are still not many who are aware of the benefits of playing these online games further.

It could be because of the negative stigma of playing games from a long time ago, which is synonymous with mere entertainment without giving any benefits. However, along with the times, the younger generation who have a penchant for playing games are trying to prove it. The various benefits of playing online games are proven by participating in various online game competitions

Many of these online game competitions are of international standard. The prizes from the online game competition are also not playing games, their value is up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. That is why now online games have also become one of the most lucrative activities.

So, what are the benefits of playing online games that can be obtained? The following has summarized the benefits of playing these online games which are obtained from various sources.

1. Improve English Language Skills

Of course, the benefits of playing this online game are obtained, because almost all online-based games will easily connect game players from all over the world. This of course will force you to be able to communicate in English, where the language is indeed a universal language, or it can be said to be an international language.

Also, there are usually several features or menus in online games that use English, this is due to the flexibility of English to be understood by the world community. So gradually, you will be “forced” to learn English to understand and get better at playing the online game.

2. Relieve Stress

You will get the benefits of playing the next online game. Agree or not, playing games online or offline will be useful in reducing your stress level due to daily activities. That way, playing online games has the potential to suppress high blood pressure which can be dangerous for health.

So, so that the experience of playing online games is more enjoyable, then you can play online games with your friends or the term or play together, and take advantage of the conversation feature with your friends. So, playing online games is not just about discussing strategy, you can joke and do a little silly when playing with friends.

3. Improve Problem Solving Ability

Both online games or offline games will require players to win a competition or a task in the game. So it is not surprising if the ability to solve problems for game players will increase. The reason is that problem-solving skills require a fairly high level of creativity and a way of thinking outside the box.

Therefore, don’t underestimate gamers, even though it looks easy to play, but there are levels of difficulty when playing games that not everyone can complete. And, increased problem-solving abilities will be useful in dealing with problems in everyday life.

4. Increase Focus

Of course, you often see online game players will be very focused when they are in a match. Their focus can last for hours, of course, this will greatly indirectly affect the ability to focus in everyday life.

Some games that do need focus are usually like the PUBG game or the type of first-person shooter (FPS) game where this type of game will require a higher focus. Because, if you lose focus just a little in PUBG, for example, then the character in the game that is being played could be shot by the enemy and die.

5. Improve Brain Performance

Several points of the benefits of playing online games beforehand actually will indirectly affect brain performance. This is because some of the previous points in practice require extra brain performance and force the brain to learn to understand new things. Call it learning English, the brain is eventually forced to learn, although it is not uncommon for some to feel dizzy because the brain is forced to consume various new knowledge quickly.

Also, when there is a problem or a new task in an online game, a person’s IQ will be tested. And with a strong will, both obstacles and difficult problems will be easily resolved. This is what if done continuously will increase the ability and performance of the brain.

By Margin

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