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4 Reasons You Should Never Charge Your Phone In A Rental Car

By Margin Dec19,2023

Going on a road trip can be very exciting, especially when you have to use a rented car that you have always dreamed of.

It’s also important to go with your phone on that road trip since you would want to create lots of memories by taking some pictures at every interesting stop you make.

What happens when your phone battery drains? You will feel frustrated and angry right? Certainly, the next thing on your mind is charging your phone in the USB port of the rented car. But, have you stopped to ask yourself if it is right? Of course, you will need a convincing reason as to why you should never charge your phone in a rented car, and we will be providing some of those reasons below.

Before diving into the reasons, note that renting a car for your trip is amazing and you can as well get a driver to take you around. However, before choosing a rental company, you should visit for undiluted reviews about car rental companies in the UK.

Below are 4 interesting reasons why you should never think of charging your phone in a rented car;

Your information will be stored in the car

This might sound unbelievable but it is the truth. The cars used by most rental companies are cars with the latest technology and the moment you plug your phone into the USB port, it automatically downloads all your private information. What’s worse is the fact that even if you remove your phone, your information will be stored in the car and another user can have access to your information. Except you are technologically oriented, you might not be able to delete the stored information.

Low charging power

Ever wondered why your battery is still low even after charging it for hours in the rental car? This is because the USB port of the rented car doesn’t have enough power to charge your phone properly. This can damage your phone’s battery or even affect your phone.

You stand a risk of running down the car battery and getting stranded

The last thing you want while on a road trip is the breakdown of the vehicle. This can get very frustrating. It is even worse if it is a battery problem, getting a vehicle to charge it for you might be a challenge. However, this can be avoided if you also avoid charging your phone in a rented car.

Too much voltage in the car

Too much voltage can as well damage your phone. While charging your phone in a rented car seems to be great, your phone can be damaged due to the high voltage. Of what use will the phone be if it overheats and gets damaged?

You need to try as much as you can to ignore the urge of charging your phone in a rented car until you get to your destination. If you must charge your phone while on the road, then, getting  a power bank for that purpose would be better.

By Margin

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