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What is a call to action – Explained

By Margin Dec9,2021

Running a business online is not an easy task. The website requires a lot of coordination between several teams to ensure that the viewer’s experience is smooth. When a viewer visits your page for the first time, they go through all the different sections and decide whether they want to make the final purchase or not. 

However, every customer doesn’t intend to buy but browse through the content you offer. Then, as the business owner, how will you drive them to get to the final step of the sales funnel? One of the initial offers you can make to the viewer is to offer a discount for the first purchase. Now, this is called Call To Action or CTA.

Define Call To Action

It is a prompt for an instant response or drives the customer enough to purchase. CTA is a marketing strategy that convinces consumers that the product is essential for the consumer’s daily life. And in the digital world, it is a box or a pop up that appears at the right time and changes the viewer’s attention for good.

How do I create a CTA that is captivating?

A call to action is as simple as asking them to sign up to receive customized emails from you or suggest the viewer for a free trial. The ranges are limitless. However, the content you mention in the pop up should be compelling by nature. 

Ensure that the pop up is visible with bright colors. Choose the ones that contrast your website’s background to stand out. The font needs to be bigger and the content in it should be short! A good call to action message is the one that talks about the customer benefit. 

When you think about it, the customer isn’t interested in how large your brand’s reach is or how great your product is. But, what benefit do they get out of the purchase? Keep a sense of urgency to get the customer to hit the purchase button like an exclusive offer for a limited time, buy now, etc.

What to do when the client closes the tab?

It is quite a common scenario you’d see across all the websites. Many times the potential client closes the tab unintentionally. And, thus, abandoning the cart! In such cases, the ideal way to connect to the audience is through emails.

Emails are the most professional means of communication. You can send a newsletter, new offers and the latest updates about the company through emails to your client list. Reduce cart abandonment by sending them email offers instantly.

Find emails of the clients using GetEmail.io. Powered by artificial intelligence, this email finder app can fetch and validate any email contacts within no time! Its latest Gmail feature lets you find email addresses from your account. The chrome extension allows you to validate and also, with just a click you can open a draft email with their contact in the ‘To’ bar.

By Margin

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