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Tech Advances You Can Use To Protect Your Home

By Margin Jan9,2024

Technology has fundamentally changed everything in our world, our home protection inclusive. In Sci-Fi movies, what was previously only imaginable is now increasingly becoming real. It has found its way through our homes through the digital revolution, like a Verisure smart alarm that sends an alert of any invasion.

Home insurance

When a case of a particular form of danger (event) possibly occurs in or inside your home, home insurance companies protect you. The risks covered by your home insurance depend primarily on the area and condition in which you find yourself.


This little gadget consists of a small camera and a microphone installed inside your doorbell. Any ring from anywhere in the world can be answered! This gadget can let you see who is knocking from inside your home, so you can recognise the threat and call the police.

Security app

You can find anything in the App Store with the rise of new technology. Recently a new app was released that can turn any phone into a surveillance camera. You can download and record video and sound anywhere you put it if you have an old phone with a microphone.

For those who work on a budget and cannot afford an entire security system, this is beneficial. That way, without having to spend any money, you can have a high-quality video recording of anything that happens in your home.

Remote monitoring

Whether you are at school or college, or your second home, remote monitoring is a perfect way to keep an eye on the house. You will still obtain real-time videos and images of what is going on at home, even though you are vacationing on a beach mile away. The ability to arm and disarm safety systems, send fire or interruption warnings, and stream security camera feeds are features that monitoring systems now have.

Smart Door Locks

The invention of the intelligent lock is probably one of the best new features of home security technology. With Bluetooth on your smartphone or wi-fi, these locks will automatically sense your presence and open the door for you. The best digital door locks will also link to your home automation system and notify other gadgets that you are away and enter energy-saving mode, such as the smart thermostat. They have fewer features, while Bluetooth locks are more reliable. On the other hand, wi-fi locks have more capabilities, such as seeing if the door is locked in real-time. However, the link to the Internet also makes wi-fi locks more susceptible to breaches of online security.

Smart Garage systems

Managing your garage is simpler than ever with smart garage systems. They work by plugging your home router with a network adapter and then registering the device with a provider. Then with your iOS or Android smartphone, you can use the app to monitor the garage door, enabling people to get in and out of the garage while you are not at home.

Smart Cameras

Cheaper, more comfortable to mount, and safer than ever are home surveillance cameras. You can easily watch live feeds of what is going on at home now that new smart cameras come with wi-fi access. You can also store these feeds in the cloud so that, should there be a need, you can check them later.

By Margin

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