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How Does SiteLock Security Help In Protecting Your Website?

By Margin Nov2,2021

The internet has changed the way we do business and buy products and services. With most businesses launching websites and working on their online presence, there has been a corresponding rise in the number of cyber-attacks on websites. Hence, for site owners, site security has become a crucial aspect. When they look for a web hosting service, they ensure that the host has taken all measures to keep the server secure. They also use the latest tools and applications like SiteLock Security to ensure that the website has no security vulnerabilities. 

In this article, we will talk about SiteLock Website Security and how it can help in protecting your site.

Complete all-round protection

A website can have security vulnerabilities and loopholes that can be exploited by a hacker to gain unauthorized access to the site and/or the server. Hence, site owners look for tools that can offer 360-degree protection. With SiteLock website security scan, you can be assured that the entire site will be checked for viruses and malware. In case an infection is detected, it informs you and removes it from the site. This ensures the all-round protection of your site.

Includes a Firewall

A firewall is your site’s first line of defense against malicious code and hackers. The SiteLock plan includes a firewall that is configured to block any malicious traffic and manage it efficiently. In case the firewall detects a potential attack, it tries to reach the source of the attack and create a robust defense plan.

Regularly scans applications

You might be using multiple applications to create a good user experience on your site. However, it is important to remember that website applications are prone to be hacked too. Therefore, it is necessary to check them frequently for loopholes. SiteLock scans all website applications regularly and identifies and patches loopholes to keep your site secure. It also ensures that the updates run by you are secure.

Database Protection

If you are using a database for your website, then an SQL injection will be your primary security concern. Other database-focused attacks can also threaten the security of your site. SiteLock scans and protects the database to keep such threats at bay.

Builds trust

Online users are wary of malware and viruses trying to steal their personal and financial information. If you use SiteLock, then it displays a seal on your website every time it scans it. This helps the users get a visible cue of the safety of the site resulting in an increase in engagement. This subsequently helps build trust with your brand and boosts the SEO score of the site too.

You can also check out the following video that lists the benefits of SiteLock Security:

5 Key Benefits Of SiteLock for Your Website Security


While many site owners believed that only large sites or those accepting payments on their websites are prone to hacking attacks, that belief is fast-diminishing. In today’s times, every website has the same exposure to risks. 

Hence, you cannot leave any stone unturned while ensuring the security of your site. Investing in tools like SiteLock can go a long way in making your site secure and trustworthy. 

By Margin

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