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eOption com review for 2022 – Learn a Broker for Smooth Trading

By Margin Apr6,2022

eOption com is a stock, fund, and options trading platform focused on low-cost options trading. The options trading is very affordable at just 0.10 per contract and 1.99 per trade. The broker also provides cost-free and educational comprehensive selections trading courses for each novice investors and sophisticated traders. Futures and forex trading are not currently available. eOption com is the right choice for options traders, see the following eOption com review for 2022 to find out why this broker is recommended for traders.

eOption com is best for what?

• Options traders are looking for low-cost option contracts

• Beginner and advanced traders looking for educational options

• Many platform guides are not needed by Advanced Traders

• eOption Fees, Commissions, Margin Rate, and Account Minimum

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Uses of eOption com

The eOption com platform has decent functionality, offering several options indicators, and screening tools. Broker eOption com directs its services to more experienced traders. eOption com does supply a series of video tutorials that you can use to discover a lot more about the best way to location trades around the platform.

Instructional videos are available for single-leg options trading, multi-leg options trading, basic buy and sell orders, and basic charting features. There are also video tutorials available that introduce you to the absolute basics of how to navigate the platform and its tabs.

One of the eOption unique features is the broker’s automated trading newsletter recommendation. Here’s how it works: first, you’ll sign up for one of the 60 participating newsletters. After authorization, eOption executes buy and sell orders recommended by your preferred newsletter.

eOption com Customer Support

There are two ways eOption offers to contact its customer service team:

• By telephone: To contact eOption by telephone, call the Provided Telephone Number. Representative is available from Monday to Friday, But It depends on each country. The phone is closed on all major market holidays.

• By email: To contact eOption’s customer service team by email, fill out the contact request form they provide.

Currently, there are no specific customer service options available for people with hearing impairments, they will provide them in the future.

eOption Offers

Options contracts, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds may be sold and bought by Traders via eOption. In terms of low-cost options trading is the specialty of the eOption broker.

Let’s take a closer to appear at the assets offered by eOption below and what you could count on to add to your portfolio using this platform.

Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds

eOption presents complete access to the US stock market, with over 10,000 stocks and ETFs obtainable to trade for $0 commission. Commission-free eOption ETF is provided, It’s not like other brokers.

eOption also delivers access to over 500 mutual funds. You might pay $5 per mutual fund transaction. In addition, it gives bond trading for $5 per bond for the very first 25 bonds you purchase or sell. After this point, bond trades are charged at a fixed rate of $3 per bond.


eOption specializes in affordable options trading. You’ll only pay 0.10 per option contract, plus a flat-rate fee of $1.99 per transaction. It is much more affordable than competing brokers, which regularly charge $0.65 per contract.

Wrapping Up

an options trader is the low-cost goal that eOption has. If you are interested in entering the options market or you are an experienced options trader looking for the most affordable way to trade options, you will love eOption. At just $0.10 per contract, there is no way to deny that eOption offers the most affordable options trading on the market today. Most of the competing brokers charge around $0.65 per contract for options trading. Even considering the $1.99 flat-rate fee, if you buy more than 4 option contracts in a single trade, you will save money.

New and advanced traders will also benefit from the eOption options strategy course, which covers everything from the absolute basics of what an options contract is to multi-legged trading strategies.

By Margin

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