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5 tips for running a contemporary drink business that is currently hits

By Margin Dec 26, 2023

In fact, the culinary business is increasingly mushrooming. After the era of spicy foods, now there are contemporary drinks that are no less popular.

One example of this contemporary drink is Boba Milk Tea. Or, drink mixed with cheese on top. The flavors offered are varied, as well as the prices.

Although the price is relatively expensive for one glass of drink, it is still loved by many people. Yes, especially because it tastes good and delicious.

So, are you also interested in running a contemporary beverage business? If the answer is yes, here are some tips.

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1. Use quality materials

When running a contemporary beverage business, don’t just think about profits. The most important thing is to prioritize the quality of the drinks that are made, because this will make the drink more delicious.

You need to do your research first. For example, you want to make Boba Milk Tea. Well, you need to learn how to make these pearl or pearl toppings. For tea and milk, you also need to choose which brand is the most suitable for the drink you want to make.

2. Make a unique and different variant

It is undeniable that there are many contemporary beverage businesses around us. If you pay attention, each outlet must have a signature drink that is the hallmark of the business.

Now the question is what drink do you want to offer the buyer? Do you have a unique recipe that will attract people to try it?

Unique and different variants will make your current beverage business able to compete with others.

3. Make the packaging attractive

Usually, it’s not just the taste that makes buyers interested in trying contemporary drinks. Good packaging can be an added value in itself.

For example, suppose you are using a plastic cup with a thick material that is not easily broken. You can also change your glass design to follow a certain theme. Or, you can offer a way to drink this contemporary drink in an unusual way.

These things can be a promotional technique for your business without realizing it.

4. Choose a strategic business location

Choosing a business location is actually easy and difficult. To get a location with a lot of buyers, usually you have to spend extra capital because of course the costs incurred are definitely not cheap.

However, this must be readjusted to your financial condition, whether you can afford the price or not.

5. Do online promotions

In fact, a strategic business location is not necessarily able to bring in many buyers, unless you are actively promoting online. Therefore, try to use social media to promote your current beverage business.

Then, you can also invite influencers or food bloggers to taste your drink, with feedback on reviews and promotions on social media. Thus, you can reach more buyers and the business profits can be multiplied.

By Margin

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