Tips for Maintaining the Beauty of Stone Tile in the Home Interior

Stone tile has become the choice for many people. Its elegant visuals with various color patterns and strengths make people loved to use it for their home. The following are the three most popular types of stone tile:


This type of stone tile is usually found in wall fences such as terraces and garden walls. Besides the aesthetic visuals, one of the reasons why sandstone is quite popular is its ability to absorb light that can brighten the room.

Lime Stone

This stone tile is usually found in areas such as family rooms or bathrooms. This stone tile is very suitable to be mixed with minimalist sofa sets and pillows with bright and prominent colors.

Stone Tile Slate

If you are a fan of a rustic theme, you can choose the stone tile slate as an alternative. Slate is very suitable for giving classic rustic feels with its irregular shapes. This type of stone tile has many color choices, including red, light green, black. The most popular is the grey stone tiles.

With all its advantages, stone tiles still need treatment. There are some steps that need to be done to make it more durable. Here are ways to treat stone tiles that you can do at home:

Coating a Large Porous Stone Tile.

Stone tile that has large pores is very easy to store dust. By adds a coating, the coating can prevent dust will be easier to clean. Avoid cleaning with chemicals because it will make the stone oxidize and change its color to yellow.

Note the Application of Coating

The coating application process differs depending on the type of stone tile you have. For sandstone type stone tiles, choose natural or matte coatings so that the surface of the stone tile looks bright. For other types such as andesite or slate, you can choose the coating that has a wet effect, so the stone looks cleaner. For additional information, try to do a coating in hot weather to get the best results.

Choose the Right Stone Tile Based on the Installation Location

In addition to the attractive visuals, what you have to pay attention to is perseverance in caring for them. To make it easier to maintain it, before installing, it would be nice to choose the type of stone tile according to the installation location. For example, for the exterior, you are better to choose stones with small and strong pores such as sandstone or state stone. For the interior, you can choose both large and small pores since the humidity in the indoor area is not too high. You can choose various interesting stone tile collections at

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