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The Nassau Tribune article identifies the Bahamian lawyer, Stephen Turnquest, who obtained the Bahamian Supreme Court-approved arrest warrants for each the Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. Mr. Turnquest raised the difficulty of crew member welfare, stating “the last thing the Bahamas needs is for a humanitarian disaster to erupt” if no settlement is reached on who pays the payments while the vessels are detained. Unfortunately, there has been faulty press coverage right here in the U.S. by major newspapers which have reported that “U.S. Federal Marshals” seized the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenityin response to the seizure order entered by federal district court Judge Gayles in the Southern District of Florida.

Each group on the event shall be permitted to ask one Professor from Marquette Law School to take part along with their members. There will be a maximum of ten members, together with the Professor, for each team. In …