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Is Wave broadband the best you can find?

By Margin Jan31,2022
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The company Wave broadband has won many accolades and awards for its high-speed Internet provision. Not only do they provide high-speed Internet, but they also provide very affordable and reliable services in California, Oregon, and Washington. The gigabit Internet speeds of this company range all the way to 940 Mbps. You can easily game, serve, stream or connect wirelessly to multiple devices to the powerful fiber-rich network of Wave broadband. The goal of the company is to provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience and video streaming through a superfast and secure connection.

They also offer the option of opting for the double data plan. If you want to go for double data, all you have to do is the double data option to it at an additional amount of $10 per month. For example, suppose you have chosen a 400 GB data plan. If you want to choose double data, for $10 extra, you can make your data 800 GB. This is perfect for those households where the Internet needs to be flexible, and there might be multiple devices connected.

Another huge advantage of opting for Wave broadband is the unlimited option. The company does not believe in imposing any detectives on the customers. Therefore, customers are free to use as much Internet as they want without worrying that the data will get over. This is perfect for those who constantly stream, conference or work from home by filesharing on the Internet. This plan is perfect for those customers who want high data and high speed. If you want to opt for unlimited data, you will have to pay an extra $20 per month.

The only problem with Wave is that the download speed can vary, and a fixed speed is not guaranteed. The speed that you observe can greatly depend on the device that you use, the connection to the Internet, and many of the factors that are not in the hands of Wave brought in. Furthermore, if you choose to use your own modem, it may not be compatible with the speedy delivery and high-speed Internet. Therefore, to avail the maximum speed, use compatible items.

The different plans of Wave broadband

high-speed Internet 100

  • With this plan, you can easily stream music and movies at once.
  • This is perfect for households that have multiple users and devices.
  • This plan is available at $70 a month
  • the download speed is 100 Mbps
  • the upload speed is 5 Mbps.

High-speed Internet 250

  • This plan is available at $80 monthly.
  • The download speed is 250 Mbps.
  • The upload speed is 10 Mbps.
  • Perfect for monitoring the home cameras and thermostats.
  • In this, you can connect almost all devices and stream multiple movies at once.


  • This plan is available at $100 per month.  
  • The download speed is 940 Mbps.
  • The upload speed is 10 Mbps.
  • The gig speed offers the ultimate experience.

A primary problem with the correction of a problem is that despite offering goo download speeds, the upload speed of the company is extremely low. Thus, the plans of Wave broadband are suitable for those who are mostly more involved in downloading than uploading. This plan is extremely unsuitable for those who have constantly uploaded large files on the Internet like YouTubers, content creators, etc.

Internet 250 plan is the best plan that the Wave Internet has to offer. Even though the upload speed is only 10 Mbps, the download speed is pretty good. This plan fails favorably even with the other Internet service provider plans. Most of the others provide either slower or comparable download speeds.

If you want the top speed, you should consider upgrading to a gig plan. The gig plan provides gig download speeds. If you have a lot of content to upload and download on the Internet, this is the perfect plan. If you are someone was working from home and has to constantly upload large files, organize zoom meetings, take classes online, etc., this is your ideal Internet plan. For most people who do not need Internet consistently, the 250 plan should be enough. 

Contract, equipment, and fees in case of Wave broadband

 Even though there are no contracts in place to bind the customer to the company for a duration of one to two years, customers still have to purchase or rent out certain equipment so that the Internet can function properly.


the equipment which is the section where things becomes a little bothersome. There are many types of equipment offered by Wave for customers so that they can receive the best quality Internet. Customers can use their pre-existing router and modem. However, the router and modem should be compatible with the speed and plan of Wave. Otherwise, they always have the option of renting the equipment from Wave.

By Margin

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