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What is a call to action – Explained

Running a business online is not an easy task. The website requires a lot of coordination between several teams to ensure that the viewer’s experience is smooth. When a viewer visits your page for the first time, they go through all the different sections and decide whether they want to make the final purchase or not. 

However, every customer doesn’t intend to buy but browse through the content you offer. Then, as the business owner, how will you drive them to get to the final step of the sales funnel? One of the initial offers you can make to the viewer is to offer a discount for the first purchase. Now, this is called Call To Action or CTA.

Define Call To Action

It is a prompt for an instant response or drives the customer enough to purchase. CTA is a marketing strategy that convinces consumers that the product is …

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

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Many businesses find it hard to come up with innovative and new methods of increasing their website traffic. Due to a lot of misleading information on online platforms, it is common for companies to adopt ineffective strategies. The following are some of the effective methods of increasing your website traffic.

Undertake Keyword Research

It is essential to include applicable keywords in your content. Moreover, you should use the keywords naturally and avoid stuffing the content with them. This is because keyword stuffing can cause detraction from the main point or even divert the reader. Keywords should also be used in various content parts, including the page title, headers, Meta description, and a few times in the content body.

Perform Social Media Advertisements

Since social interaction is an essential sales and marketing part, you cannot exclude it when developing your online audience. Social media act as a perfect spot for prospects …

Does Technology Make any Difference During this Pandemic?

No doubt that technology has been a lot helpful during this pandemic. Where should I even start! Should I start from the food sector to the health sector and then move to the economic sector and bounce back to the relationship and lifestyle sector? You can name it! Technology is a great blessing for us, especially during this coronavirus, whereby there is a movement restriction.

Can you imagine if there is no technology, how are we going to survive? No social media, no communication with loved ones, no shopping online, no telehealth/telemedicine forum, no crypto trading like bitcoin, and the rest. Trust me, life will be complicated during this period. The following are ways in which technology has helped us amid coronavirus.

  1. Increasement in digital marketing

Technology is highly significant when it comes to the economics sector. With the help of digital marketing, many people have been able to sell …