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Potentials & Qualities of a Sound SEO Company

One piece of note: avoid pre-judging any firm through word-of-mouth or the appearance of their website. SEO has turned out to be the backbone of internet marketing as well as an online business. Further, people usually desire to find information straight away from their mobile devices, quick and expedient. The SEO company in India possess a unit of professionals who can make your website rank high on search engines, boost web traffic and enhance sales conversion rates online. When in search of an SEO company to optimize your website, mentioned below are certain things to be considered before hiring the service provider.

Plans and policies 

A good SEO firm will consider every client in a different way, and offer them with tailored solutions for their business. They spend time to know their client’s anticipations, wants, and goals so that they can deliver tailored plans. They also gain a handful of …

How to watch Zee News live tv from mobile

If you are from India and settled in a foriegn land, you must always have a curiosity to know what is going on in India? Are the people in your family or neighborhood okay? You must definitely want to stay updated with the upcoming policies and new laws that are being made in India. so  when you visit your country again, you do not feel outdated or unaware of the things and scenarios happening around you.

We live in a world full of uncertainty and things are changing at a rapid pace. Especially with the Covid situation around, everyone surely wants to know what is happening in their homeland? So that they can keep a track and know the well being of their loved ones.

News is a crucial part of everyone’s life and we all want to know what is happening around us. However, for the people living abroad …

4 Reasons You Should Never Charge Your Phone In A Rental Car

Going on a road trip can be very exciting, especially when you have to use a rented car that you have always dreamed of.

It’s also important to go with your phone on that road trip since you would want to create lots of memories by taking some pictures at every interesting stop you make.

What happens when your phone battery drains? You will feel frustrated and angry right? Certainly, the next thing on your mind is charging your phone in the USB port of the rented car. But, have you stopped to ask yourself if it is right? Of course, you will need a convincing reason as to why you should never charge your phone in a rented car, and we will be providing some of those reasons below.

Before diving into the reasons, note that renting a car for your trip is amazing and you can as well …

Benefits of Playing Online Games, Good for Brain Health

The benefits of playing online games are many and cannot be underestimated. Even the benefits of playing this online game can have an impact on the body to a wide impact on social relationships. Even so, until now there are still not many who are aware of the benefits of playing these online games further.

It could be because of the negative stigma of playing games from a long time ago, which is synonymous with mere entertainment without giving any benefits. However, along with the times, the younger generation who have a penchant for playing games are trying to prove it. The various benefits of playing online games are proven by participating in various online game competitions

Many of these online game competitions are of international standard. The prizes from the online game competition are also not playing games, their value is up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. That …

How to gain organic traffic

What does it take to get the desired results on Instagram? That’s right, it is necessary to conduct online promotion correctly and efficiently. In words, this seems like a very simple task, but in practice, many face great difficulties. For example, these are wasted expenses from the budget, lack of optimization of resource use, and much more.

But the most common mistake all bloggers make is the lack of ongoing training. To keep your account going according to plan, you need to refresh your marketing knowledge. That is, allocate at least a couple of hours a week to watch training videos, courses, or webinars. And now everything has become even easier. Because StorieViews always has the latest information for you. Anyone interested in SMM will need such a convenient and accessible resource.

So, of course, everyone who is interested in business development in the online environment is waiting for magical …

How to Prepare Your Business for E-Commerce Effect after COVID 19


The COVID 19 pandemic has affected businesses in more ways than we can imagine. Many people have lost their jobs, and companies have been locked down for months in most parts of the world. However, there is hope, as there are better health services and the possibility of a vaccine being manufactured.

As global economic activities start to pick up gradually, you would have considered the effect of E-commerce on your business. For with the pandemic and lockdown, people saw the importance of doing business online. And these trends are likely to continue post-COVID 19 pandemics. Thus, you will probably be thinking about how to effect e-commerce changes in your industry.

  1. Consider IT services for your company

The first step to take is to search for a reputable IT consultancy firm to help you plan your operations to take your business to another level. Read the IT Governance review to …

Microsoft sues over trademark to stop COVID-19 hacking campaign

The phishing scheme targeted 62 countries and sent out millions of lure emails to businesses, the company says.

Microsoft said Tuesday that it’s taken legal action to stop a widespread COVID-19-related hacking campaign. The lawsuit, unsealed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, allowed the tech giant to take control of domains that hackers were using to trick their victims.

Cyberattacks have spiked during the coronavirus pandemic, with more people working from home and most business discussions happening online. Scams surrounding the infectious disease have flooded the internet, with the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center receiving 20,000 coronavirus-related reports this year.

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Microsoft said it worked to stop a hacking campaign targeting businesses in 62 countries with cyberattacks linked to COVID-19. …

What Future Technologies, Challenges and Trends Will Happen?

Humans will never stop exploring. We need to look far ahead and move from ‘actively innovating’ to ‘persistent creating.’ Rapid changes will occur in human life, work culture, and social life, as the adoption of AI, 5G technology, cloud computing, and other developing technologies is increasing. A technology expert delivered the statement above from one of the world’s leading technology companies, Kevin Zhang. Talking about change and innovation, we cannot be separated from the digitalization and technology sectors of the future.

Wills and needs are continually changing again, making people dissatisfied with what is. Add to this the progress of information and the scientific world, which drives us to develop in a better direction.
In the beginning, it might indeed be difficult because every new one requires adaptation. However, everything can certainly finish; it just needs to be processed. One process we can start by finding out and learning about …

Xiaomi Mi 10 Inside Will Make You Surprised

Xiaomi has just launched its latest smartphone flagship, Mi 10, for the market. Mi 10 has the hardware and software sophistication that marks Xiaomi’s 10-year commitment to continue to innovate in meeting user needs, especially in creating content.

Graphite layers, NFC Components, and Wireless Charge Components

Xiaomi begins the dismantling process by removing the rear body of MI 10. The device’s rear body is removed using a suction cup with a previously heated device to reduce the glue adhesion to the device. Keep in mind that this demolition process should only be carried out by professionals and not recommended for users.

After opening, it can look that most of the inner components of the Mi 10 with graphite, which serves to be anti-static. Other elements, such as NFC and wireless charging technology, also support. The 30W wireless charging technology on the Mi 10 only takes 65 minutes to fully charging.…